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Bhutan Paro International Airport

I don’t travel too much in order to compare international airports. However, amongst these which I came to like Changi of Singapore, Suvarnabhumi of Thailand, Ben Gurion of Israel, Tan Son Nhat & Noi Bai of Vietnam, Paro International Airport of Bhutan is the cutest one.

San-bay-Paro-Airport (2)
Panorama of the airport. It’s in a valley. First impression.
A blue dot is Fortress of Paro. Red is the airport. Anyone can spot them?
Arrival gate

When I said cute, I really mean cute. It’s a small airport in a nice valley. I think it’s smaller than our Tan Son Nhat domestic port. The immigration process is also quick because there are not too many travelers.

Before landing, the plane hovers to left and right several times. I can see the tiny airport inside green trees and huge mountains from above.

Me & my friend

Due to this special geographical location, very few pilots can take off & land. Paro International Airport is one of the most difficult & treacherous airports in the world with only a 2-km runway. Both two carriers state-owned Drukair and private Bhutan Airlines has rarely foreign pilots. Planes are also small ones. Big ones don’t have enough space to land on.

Bhutan Airlines Route Map.

Drukair Route Map

Its wooden exterior and interior design are also beautiful.

San-bay-Paro-Airport (8)
Immigration check point.
Group photo before the flight. The airport looks small behind.
Can you see small truck carrying luggage?
The airport from the back.
Exterior design
Bhutan Airlines plane
Drukair plane

San-bay-Paro-Airport (15)
Coke advertising
San-bay-Paro-Airport (10)
Bhutanese man saw off Vietnamese woman.

I gonna come back to this country because of the nice airport.

Log jaygay. Tashi delek!

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